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Fun at the Christmas Market!

The Drive Across Texas crew stopped in at the Coleman Jr. High Christmas Market in Waxahachie, Texas in search of a story, new friends and of course some fabulous #Christmas goodies!

My partner in crime fo the day...sporting our #Santahats from Celestial Creations!

We had such a great time meeting so me many precious folks and hearing their stories. A huge shout out to Mrs. Kim Kriejal and all the hard work she puts into this event every year! Do you know she's been doing it for 28 years! #Wowza The cause, the peoples, the treasures. #priceless

Here's Mrs. Kim & I trying to grab a quick #photo in midst of the crowd! Don't #laugh!

Y'all I knew that the Christmas Market was for a good cause, but I have to say that I was blown away by the depth and compassion that Mrs. Kim and her team puts into this. #soprecious #suchablessing #shiningtheirlight

We had a blast chatting and talking with so many people! Oh my the goodies that were on display! It's always such a blessing to find something handmade and they were really everywhere!

I was excited to see some #goodfriends while I was browsing all the booths! Mrs. Celeste Holmes with her #embroidery #gifts was there. Check her out on #Facebook and #Instagram @celestialcreations - she makes custom orders as well!

Another #sweet #friend, Mrs. Monja Keifer was there with her #YoungLiving #oils display!

Shoppers everywhere!

So many booths!

Check out all the #cute Christmas decor! #handpainted #reindeer #santa #presents #decor

#Brilliant - #HotCocoa in a Christmas bulb! Check out Lucy's Lake Catering - @atasteofTexas on Instagram

#Handmade #potholders - so beautiful, so fun, so crafty! Here motto is "Yes, you can make it yourself, but will you?" Now ain't that the truth!

I'll go ahead and admit it...this sweet lady might have been my favorite! She had a booth called #CreatedbyKids and literally everything at her booth was put together by the kids in her #LifeSkills class at #MeridianHighSchool. What a #blessing she has been to so many over the years and boy did I have a blast choosing special goodies for #Memaw, #AuntRuby and others. #TouchingLives

#SantaClause is watching you! We just had to pick one of these up for our tree! Check out Stuff & Things on facebook and #Etsy - @welovestuffandthings

Looking for a great bow for your loved one...#human or your favorite #furbaby - Elizabeth Ramos with #ABowAlwaysGoes will fix you right up! See #LaceyBelle in the picture above - she is Elizabether best customer! #pupswearbowstoo Be sure to check out @abowalwaysgoes on Facebook!

I picked up a new lanyard for myself - I am very excited to sport this handmade piece of art - sewn by Ms. Gracie Bell at Hello Georgeous - this young lady has a special story all her own. Her sewing and crafts help her to pay for her college education - this talented young lady is going to school to earn a degree in fashion design! Check her out on facebook at @HelloGorgeous

We won a door prize! One of the #fun things they do at the market is #doorprizes and we won! So, as we browsed the #prize table we came across this fantastic metal Texas from IMetalist! Bill did a great job and we are so excited to hang this in our #DriveAcrossTexas #Office. Check out all of Bill's fabulous metal art pieces on Facebook at @myimetalist

Where are all of my #upcycling peeps! Check out Tootio Creations! - You can reach Susan @

There were certainly t-shirts a plenty to choose from - this was one of my favorites! #SantaBaby

Check out Southern Sass Designs - Ms. April Lee will fix you up! She's got some super cute designs y'all!

Find her on Facebook at @southernsassdesigns!

Well folks there you have it! I made a good haul of handmade, homemade, one of a kind Christmas goodies and gifts that I am excited to share with #family and #friends this #season!

Thanks to my partner is crime, Brian who held the camera, took lots of pics, put up with my shopping and supported my random craziness! Thanks to Lonestar Salon & Boutique in Decatur, Texas for my cute shirt and my sweet friend Celeste at Celestial Creations for my cute Santa Hat! Thanks to Kim Kriejal and the Coleman Jr. High Christmas Market Team for letting us come in and invade their space for the day! #cantwaittillextyear

Until our next drive,

Wendy & Brian

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