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King George Dazzles Fort Worth....No Surprise There...

When you receive an invitation to attend the #GeorgeStrait #concert at the new #DickiesArena in #FortWorthTexas, there's no question that you load up and #DriveAcrossTexas! When the #King go.

And go we did...

Walking into #Dickies #Arena for the first time was an experience - the wide-open walkways and friendly faces made us feel at ease and ready to enjoy a #great show! As the ticket takers and security personnel joked and laughed with those of us standing in the cold waiting for the doors to open, the excitement was high and joy filled the air. The concession stands were stocked and the workers were smiling - all was well in Fort Worth.

Brian & I wandered a bit - checked out the restrooms, always an important part of any establishment. I was personally glad to see a row of shiny, clean stalls!

A quick stop at the merch stand to pick up a new t-shirt and #hat was smart on our part because the lines were quite long as the crowd began to pour in! #Kudos to Dickies and Strait's people for being smart enough to set up multiple #merch stands AND for posting their locations on the screens! #brilliant

As we wandered a bit we were able to take pictures and videos and take in the glory of this brand new venue. Oh, the great things it will bring to Fort Worth!

We found our seats and enjoyed the #songsaboutGeorge playlist that was piping over the amazing sound system. The big screens over the center stage played videos, shared advertisements and other George Strait related news.

When Ray Benson & Asleep at the Wheel took the stage, the crowd went wild. As they performed hit after hit the fans sang along and the applause was wild. The young lady on the saxophone was especially amazing. The whole band put on a spectacular show. Benson jokingly recalled that one time that George Strait opened for Asleep at the Wheel at the Historic Gruene Hall. That was a few years ago. We all got a laugh out of that. Oh my, how times have changed.

I do believe that Asleep at the Wheel was the perfect opening act for Strait.

Even though Ray Benson is a transplanted Texan...we've all come to love him and his very #Texas sound.

He may be a #transplant, but he's got a #heart for #TexasMusic.

I laughed at myself because I've been an Asleep At The Wheel fan for quite some time...I even lived in the #Austin area for a while, but this was the first time I had seen them live. I have to say, I've been missing out. Hat's off to you, Ray Benson and your amazing band - you did a great job! Brian and I enjoyed every minute!

The pause between bands gave everyone an opportunity to hit the restroom, grab a cold one and pick up a t-shirt! The big screens kept everyone entertained while we awaited the arrival of the King himself.

I wonder if, all those years ago, Strait thought this would be his life...did he always want to be King? #thingsIponder

As the crowd anticipated the arrival of #Strait, that famous stroll down the aisle, the lifting of his hand, the step upon the stage, the noise level increased, people came to their feet, lining the rails, phones out - poised in the air to catch a glimpse of the man we've all come to know as the King of Country Music, the legend himself, George Strait. #hedidnotdisappoint

The country music legend's #famous #AceInTheHole #band opened with "Deep In the Heart of Texas" which served to get the crowd of more than 14,000 screaming fans in a full lather. By the time George himself stepped up to one of the four mics set up around the stage, the noise level was deafening and if we didn't all know the words to the song, there would be no hearing the #music.

As George's clear, Texas twang rang out across the crowd, the fans settled in for the show of a #lifetime! Song after song, his smooth, steady sound seasoned the new arena as only Strait could.

With a mix of covers, a tribute to some famous friends & a few f his own # 1 hits, Strait amazed the crowd & kept the fans hooping, hollering & singing along!

The stage was set so there was not a bad seat in the house....between the big screens above and the roving Strait - everyone had a top-notch view.

Dressed in his signature black #resistol, #Justinboots, and starched #wrangler shirt and jeans, this south Texas native didn't disappoint.

The night flowed easily as Strait kept up a steady pace and didn't allow any lag in the music or the smiles. As he flashed that famous smile over and over, the band kept the music flowing with a passion and grace that has been honed by years of tutilage. My oh my, how they make it look easy.

Strait's tribute to the US military, as well

as law enforcement, brought fans to their

feet and secured his place among America's finest. I always find it refreshing when the famous use their #fame for good. His new song, "Under the weight of the badge" brings about much-needed support of law enforcement officers and the sacrifices they make. I do believe he gained some new fans with that one.

Strait closed out the first set with his 1981 debut his, Unwound. As the crowd rose to their feet once again, Strait made his first exit of the night.

In true entertainer form, Strait strolled back in and brought every fan to their feet with "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind". Texans in every seat sang out loud, while the band played on and couples dance in the aisles.

Four songs later, Strait closed the night with his #classic "Cowboy Rides Away" and bid fans farewell - until the next night anyway!

As the King of Country, himself walked offstage touching hands with the fans who love him, he breathed an air of wonder, of anticipation, of good times to be had by all who enter its doors.

Fort Worth certainly knows how to dedicate a new venue and the future looks bright for #DickiesArena!

Until the next drive...Wendy

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