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What's in your #masonjar? That is the question????


Drive Across Texas is excited to bring you a little piece of Texas with every episode. Our goal is to make your smile, share some great things about this state we love and bring more Texas to you!


We love when y'all share your ideas, thoughts and cool finds with us. So, we've dug out a mason jar, added a little #Texas flair and we want you to help us fill it. We are on the hunt for cool places, strange finds, unique people and more - if you have an idea we want to hear from you!


Click on the blue header above and send in your thoughts, your ideas and the places you'd like to see!

You never know it might end up on an episode of Drive Across Texas! #whatdoyouwanttosee #DriveAcrossTexas #ComingFromATexan

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